Monday, March 31, 2014

Disney Magic Bands

Finally got my official Magic Band as a Disney Passholder! Of course, the wife and I have been using the generic bands we got from staying in a resort a few months back, but it's nice to legitimately be part of the FastPass+ revolution.

On that note, the FastPass+ system is actually pretty fantastic so far. My only complaint is that I wish you could split your three reservations up over multiple parks. I'm sure that feature will come with time, but in the meantime they're doing a great job with the current setup. Case in point, a couple months ago when we were at the park we had reservations for Space Mountain in the evening. Naturally, the ride went down for maintenance (as it often does) and to make amends Disney threw a blank FastPass onto our Magic Bands that we were able to redeem at any ride in that park at any time that day until close! SCORE!

Google April Fools': Pokemon Challenge

So I'm sure at this point you've all seen this year's Google April Fools Prank

That being said, if you're like me after reading the announcement you immediately took to Google Maps and started scouring the world for Pokemon, only to find that they're not as plentiful as one would hope. At this point I've caught 48/150 Pokemon and still counting. My strategy has been focusing on coasting areas and major cities (i.e. capitals and such). Below are a couple Google Maps links that should help you along your journey (assuming the Pokemon locations are static across all users' experiences). Note: Remember to open these links on your mobile device in order to view them through the mobile Google Maps app.

Galapagos National Park (Pokemon Lab): Make sure you really scan the whole island coast as this area is rich

Googleplex (Mountainview, CA): This is the main Google headquarters and quite a few Pokemon are hiding in the greater city if you look

A few cities of note to search are New York, London, Dublin, San Francisco, and the big island of Hawaii. Post below if you found any good sources.

Gotta catch 'em all! 


I would give credit to an individual, but it appears to be a group effort! The following is an open Google Doc with what appears to be locations of sightings of almost all the 150 Pokemon: