Thursday, May 5, 2011

Star Tours 2...My Forbidden Journey!

So as I attempt to return to the world of blogging, yet again, I have decided to share with you my latest and greatest obsession (que the lights and music):

It is no joke, without sounding overly dramatic, I am about ready to bow before Lord Palpatine himself and commit myself to the Dark Side. Many of my fans will say, "Aaron, aren't you already a Sith?" To them I reply, yes! However, like Vader there has always been some good and therefore conflict inside me. After the events surrounding Star Tours 2, I don't know if I have it in me to keep those midichlorians from sparking up.

In case you have been living under a rock (like in those Geico commercials), you should check out for all there is to know about Star Tours 2. You should also follow Star Tours 2 Live on twitter:!/StarTours2Live


Now that I am done crying, we have the exciting fact that the ride will more than likely have at least one soft opening before May 20th. The people from Star Tours 2 Live are camping out in front of the ride all day everyday until one of these soft openings occurs. My lovely and amazingly awesome girlfriend and I took a trip out to Disney's Hollywood Studios yesterday and hung out with them for awhile...of course there wasn't a soft opening while we were there because I wouldn't sound like an emo Sith right now if I had actually ridden the ride, would I?! Sorry...sorry...didn't mean to lose it there. I'm calm, I promise. In any case, the ride will be open just in time for the first of Disney's Star Wars Weekends May 20-22. Hope you get a chance to ride it this summer.

May the Force be with you!