Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Android > Apple

The following was my Facebook wall post in response to my Apple fanboy's claim that Apple and its iphone is and always will be superior to Google and Android (enjoy!):

Hokay! So I was going to let this go, but you obviously want to fight. I understand it's your intent to get me worked up, but I need a new blog here we go!

The only reason your precious Apple doesn't partake in any sort of mixed media showcase events, such as CES, is because its leader (notice the absence of cancer and or turtleneck jokes...I fight fair and with class) doesn't believe in moving the industry forward or competing with mainstream market. Instead, his business model is to mix and pour more glasses of Kool-Aid and pass it around...oh yeahhh!

Yes, Apple has come out with some great products, but it does so by ignoring the prevailing competition and trying to "think different," which translates to, "if you can't beat the current game, start another." Google's Android OS is on multiple phones, with multiple manufacturers, on multiple networks. It's an operating system that is constantly evolving to integrate cell phones across the advantageous and commendable point that your leader tries to spin as a weakness to the public. Apple develops within its own world, ignoring the daunting task of say creating a mobile app market that the developer, consumer, and distributor can all benefit from without limitations.

Apple has survived by "changing everything" because they don't compete, they innovate. On many levels, this is a great thing! However, how do they keep doing it? Well, they charge 3 arms and 4 legs for their products (and yes, those limb counts are correct because Apple doesn't give charitably to anyone and so toxic waste cleanup groups aren't funded and now women are having mutant babies with lots of extra arms and legs...but I digress!). Anytime Stevie gets close to mainstream products or something he hasn't done first or best he gets all frustrated (i.e. antennagate and i.e. "you all are just holding my phones wrong").

In the end, Google and Apple are out to leave their mark on the world in order to make some money and keep the shareholders happy. However, Google is going after the big fish (complete integration of all digital devices from mobile to home to business) while Apple keeps moving to a different lakes to find new fish and say they are always better (i.e. "this is going to change everything...again"). Didn't mean to make the fish analogy so deep! 

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