Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My return... **Imperial March**

So I haven't posted in quite awhile, but I blame that on medical school starting. This leads me to my first point...a shameless plug for my new blog: What Would Simon Tam Do (wwstd.com).
Is the plug shameless?...I think not. It is however very reminiscent of Nathan Fillion's tweets yesterday for the facebook page that is petitioning for him to host an SNL episode...like Betty White!

So my new blog is obviously medically related, but of course nerdy. So really it's a medical nerd's take on science and medicine, but anyone who likes medicine or nerdy things will like it...so yeah you should just start following me there too! The name of the blog is a reference to the amazing series Firefly (R.I.P.). If I haven't already made some comment in a previous post about how you're a loser for not know what the show is...this is that time. Pause and let the shame soak in. Wait. Wait. Almost there...ok. Don't worry though, I didn't know the show at one point, but my girlfriend changed that for me. You should just buy the DVDs here and add them to your Doctor Who collection: 

In other news, I bought a Fathead a couple weeks ago. For those of you who don't know what Fatheads are, I'll just explain and save you the Amazon Associates link. It's basically a giant plastic re-stickable sticker that you stick on your wall. Mine is of Darth Vader posing with his lightsaber (please note there is only one tribute to Star Wars in this entire room and it is therefore not my room but a staged reenactment of how Vader looks on my wall).

Looks cool right? Well it is much cooler and scarier in person (almost too stimulating to sleep in the same room). However, the damn thing had a habit of falling off of my textured wall when I first got it! Might not sound like a big deal, but imagine a massive super strong sticker sticking to itself in like 50,003 places...not add the intimidation of that sticker being a Sith and you'll understand what I went through. After giant Annie Skywalker falling twice, he is now up and happy on my wall. I highly recommend getting a Fathead...they're like an intermediate between a poster and the real person.