Friday, July 2, 2010

Xbox 360 game lets players battle oil spill - Technology & science - Games - Citizen Gamer -

Ever read Ender's Game? If you haven't you should really stop, cancel all plans that you have for tomorrow, and plan to read it!

***Ender's Game Spoilers***

You know how Ender believes he is in a simulator at the end, but he's really piloting an actual ship outside the bugger's homeworld? Well, I think that's what BP is doing with these video games. You buy the game...maybe just playing the demo is good enough...and as you pilot your digital sub/ship, a real remote vessel is moving and following your commands out in the gulf.

I'm not sure if this system is real time. Maybe it only deploys real vessels if you are successfully able to stop the oil leak and clean up the gulf in the game. Maybe BP will come pick you up and bring you out into the gulf to use your skills firsthand if you prove yourself...have you seen The Last Starfighter? I'm not sure, but either way the system could totally work. Just think about it! Xbox Live is such a structured and controlled's the perfect infrastructure for deploying such a system. Also, Microsoft is aching for some limelight and power (they really keep failing in the mobile tech world right now)...GO ANDROID!!!

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