Saturday, July 10, 2010

WOOT Shirts...another one of my addictions!

Hi, my name is Aaron and I am addicted to Woot Shirts awesome! I am the proud owner of 18 19 Woot Shirts, though not proud of each of my shirts...but more on that in a moment.

For those of you who are not familiar with, it is affiliated with the more generl, which hosts a single online sale item each day. Like its parent site, Woot Shirt offers up each and every day a new item...only they are always T-shirts. Yes, and cheap shirts at that...for $10 flat you can buy a different Woot Shirt each and every day of the year (and for $5 more you can have that shirt overnight or internationally delivered). Sure beats the hell out of Abercrombie & Fitch!

Now, what's super cool about these shirts is where their designs come from. Public submissions. Yeah, every week a new theme is selected for the Woot Shirt Derby and designs are submitted. Website visitors are then able to vote for their favorite designs and the top 3 are made into shirts. The shirt designs also come from hired Woot Shirt Designers, who will also sometimes pick their favorite designs from submitted designs.

Anyway, after a shirt has been online (or sold out), it goes into the Woot Shirt Reckoning where you can buy it for $15 as the base price. If the shirt is in the top 20 selling shirts on the site, or fits into a particular category, it can be kept around in the Reckoning for longer.

So there are the basics! Go bookmark the site and then come back here.

Hokay, so if you were a noob, now you can comprehend about 0.000000134% of the awsomeness that is Woot Shirt (no offense) and I can share my collection with you. BEHOLD!


As I said above, there are 19 of them (I bought one while writing this as the new shirts come out every night at 1:00PM est). They are listed chronologically in order of purchase starting with the most recent...isn't that newest one awesome? med school friends will love it! Anyway, these shirts plus a couple button-downs and a couple polos make up my entire wardrobe.

Jealous? My girlfriend surely is...and YES, I do have one!


  1. Awesome shirts and I'm definately gonna check out the site. I love random funny t-shirts!

    Hey I see you are a student in Tampa! USF?

  2. Yeah man, you should definitely check it out! And I do go to USF...GO BULLS! So how did you come across my site?