Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What I'm thinking about right now...in my brain!

So normally I have googolplex of thoughts and opinions on a daily basis...each of which could easily be turned into a blog entry. However, because I have such high standards when it comes to my blog topics, holding my readers in such high esteem, I only select one or maybe two a day (if I do choose to blog). Tonight though, I am going to deviate from the norm and give you something different. A sampling of my brain! Below are 3 short topics I am currently pondering...in my brain (as Jason Stackhouse would say).

1. Dead Space is a ridiculously scary game! I haven't been playing it for too long, but so far I would describe it as a cross between F.E.A.R. and Bioshock. Now, I also thought Half-Life was scary the first time I played it, but I think it's all about the conditions of your gameplay. For instance, when I was first helping Gordon Freeman through Black Mesa I was doing so after finishing homework at about 11:30 at night, with the lights off. Similarly (but ungodly more scary), I have spent a portion of my time in Dead Space with the lights off, in 1080P, with full 5.1 surround sound.

2. I hate the physics of this universe because they disallow the existence of an ansible! For those of you who (once again) are so lame as to have never read Ender's Game or come across this device elsewhere...an ansible allows for instantaneous communication across infinite space. Seriously, Stephen Hawking can't come up with some sort of theory that makes quantum entanglement a predictive cause-and-effect system? For the time being, Ender Wiggin won't be able to help out our military. Read all about it here: http://io9.com/5584356/can-i-build-an-ansible-to-communicate-across-the-cosmos I mean, if the TARDIS can exist then why not an ansible?

3. James Dyson is an alien! I'm talking about the man who "invented" the Dyson Airblade, Dual Cyclone bag-less vacuum cleaner, and Dyson Air Multiplier. If you have seen any of this alien technology firsthand then you will surely agree with me. If you haven't been exposed yet, I suggest a trip to Best Buy for a look at his Air Multiplier...a fan that blows strong with no blades! Below you can watch some of Dyson's enslaved humans playing with his technology...probably on his spaceship.


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