Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vampirism: Mother Earth's Final Solution?

Last night I watched the movie Daybreakers for the first time.

It was pretty boss...something I wasn't expecting based on how fast the hype died out and it came to BluRay and DVD. For those of you who haven't seen or head much about it, the general premise (no spoilers) is that vampirism was discovered and spread (in many cases intentionally) throughout a human race that was craving a cure for all diseases and the resulting immortality. The form of vampirism used in the movie is fairly typical and includes an allergy to sunlight (specifically UV rays). As a result, populations are really only active and out during the nighttime hours and forced to move about the world in underground tunnels during the daytime. In the movie, this lifestyle appears to have forced mankind's vampirekind's hand in terms of technological development (that and the need to harvest blood from the few remaining's really should definitely just watch the movie).

When you take all of this reality into account and add in the fact that vampirism is viewed as an "evolution" for humanity, giving it a sort of natural connotation, I think it could serve as a solution to "Mother Earth's poisoning." Now hold the phone one sec! I used quotes with that last statement, my thesis here if you will, because while I believe in preserving this planet I am by now means a member of Captain Planet's Planeteers...although, what boy didn't have a crush on Linka from the Soviet Union?
So yeah, what it things eventually get so bad that vampirism pops up as an evolutionary solution? It would force us underground for half the day and force our ingenuity! We would work to reverse Global Warming (even though it doesn't exist...*cough*) because vamps like it cold and would want as much protection from UV as possible. We would essentially isolate ourselves from the earth that would be lethal to us in her prime hours.

Wow!...I hate that this made me sound so much like a tree hugger. Btw, I love veal!

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