Saturday, July 17, 2010

People Watching: Episode I

I love to people watch in my spare time, but really...who doesn't? In light of this reality, I am going to start an episodic series here on people watching. For each episode I will state the place, time, and aliases of the individuals involved (I will of course choose the aliases myself in order to fully protect the identity...yadayada...this will make it more fun! So here we go!


PLACE: Starbucks
TIME: 9:00PM
ALIASES: the Doctor, Rory, and Amy Pond


It appears that the Doctor and Rory are working on some sort of project for school. Amy Pond is obviously with Rory and appears to not be involved with said project in any way...well, unless you consider chewing gum and staring at Rory's bicep through her freakish contact lenses a contribution. The Doctor has a laptop and half a brain, Rory has a heavy Jordanian-Guido accent (yes...such a thing can exist), and Amy Pond...well she likes her gum.

After some attempt at school talk, Amy Pond decides to take a break from mouth-breathing and ask for the Doctor's opinion on something. She wants to know if Rory is justified in getting upset over her allowing guys to dance "all up on her" at the club. Her argument is that the guys were coming up to her and her friends on their own...they weren't moving from their spots. Rory interrupts Amy Pond before she finishes to interject the fact that she was completely sober and can't use alcohol as an excuse for the behavior. The Doctor lets the two bicker for a minute and then bestows his grand advice. He says that guys "grind up on bit*hes because they're looking for a play" and that Amy Pond should understand that she shouldn't be looking for said plays if she is with Rory. Rory agrees with the Doctor and Amy Pond becomes despondent...causing her to simultaneously chew her gum and mouth-breath more loudly. This event is what catalyzed me to blog!

After some more bickering, the Doctor begins to talk about his relationship with some mythical chick and how it's a shining example of perfection in a world of blind booty grinding and mistrust. This leads to a discussion about which movie Amy Pond, Rory, the Doctor should "do as a double" (I assume this is a double date). The Doctor suggests Inception (one of the most amazing original movies I have seen in quite some time!!!) or Despicable Me. Rory replies, "Well I heard that Inception is really hard to understand and I just don't get that...why do I want to use my brain or have to think when I see a movie...I want to relax man!" Amy Pond then settled the matter with, "Despicable Me...oh, the little yellow guys!...let's see that baby!" The Doctor simply nodded his head and then finally started concentrating on the project. I think Rory was relieved that his booty grinding Snooki wanted the yellow man movie over the brain movie.


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